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Lunar Goddess Crystal Countdown Box (Advent-Style Box)

Lunar Goddess Crystal Countdown Box (Advent-Style Box)

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- Lunar Goddess: 7 Days of Full Moon Magic features 7 tabs that reveal moon-themed rituals and crystals properties in the week leading up to the full moon to make the most of the shifting lunar energies. - Cosmic imagery on the inner cover assists in meditation, connecting to the Divine Feminine archetype, and manifestation with the Full Moon on the last day of the cycle presented in the kit. Includes: 7 crystals - Peach selenite (raw) 3”L - Moonstone (polished) - White opal (polished) - Shungite (raw) - Sodalite (polished) - Blue calcite (raw) - Clear quartz point (raw) 1”L Size: 6.5″W x 7″L x 1.5″D Retail ready | Gift | Wellness | Crystal Collection | Holistic | Recycle-friendly | Crystals for Beginners



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