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Astro Magic Mars - IDGAF Candle

Astro Magic Mars - IDGAF Candle

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When you need to stand up for yourself and take what you want and deserve, Mars is the planet to align to. Mars is not concerned with fairness. Use the Mars candle to eliminate all competition and win at every pursuit. Mars energy is also great for firming your boundaries and keeping your power for your own use.

Blessing / Invocation:  "Mars, show me how to win in this game of life. Instill me with confidence free me from people-pleasing habits. Show me how to meet my own needs first, last, always, how to complete my mission, and reach my goals."

Our solar system is 4.5 billion years old and the planets move every single day giving us opportunities to change and transform our lives. The Astro Magic candle puts you in charge of your relationship with the planets. Tap into this cosmic energy station to align, amplify and direct your spell. 



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