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Modern-Day Witch 2024 Wheel of the Year 17-Month Planner

Modern-Day Witch 2024 Wheel of the Year 17-Month Planner

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Make the most of your magickal year by chronicling it with this indispensable 2024 planner filled with inspiring Wiccan spells and lore. This 17-month engagement calendar is the perfect place for modern-day witches, Wiccans, and pagans to track everything from daily tasks to key rituals to the sacred holidays and solstices on the Wheel of the Year. It is filled with beautiful illustrations as well as tips on holistic magick, Wiccan lore, and a variety of key spells. The planner lists the all-important moon phases, as well as major and national holidays. This is the perfect witch’s calendar for anyone seeking a Wiccan holiday gift, those who enjoyed the 2023 edition, or users of other writual planners looking for something new. Flexibound book; 6 x 8.5 inches; 192 pages.



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