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7 Day Cleansing Tablets - Myrrh & Benzoin

7 Day Cleansing Tablets - Myrrh & Benzoin

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A new addition to your very popular Smudge Discs and Bombs. Our 7-day smudge Tablets have a core of vegetable charcoal that is wrapped in various herbs, resins, barks or flowers to focus intention. Each is easy to light and stays lit for about 15 minutes. Each box is beautifully designed, uses zero plastic and are the perfect size to display by registers as a last minute add on. Coming in three varieties (for now) 7 Dias de Limpeiza (Assorted) - Which consists of 7 different tablets - Copal, Calendula, Rose, Yagra + Frankincense, Sandalwood, Rue and Bayleaf + Eucalyptus + Rosemary. Sandalwood + Yagra - For Spiritual Cleansing, Prosperity and Purification Myrrh + Benzoin - For Protection and Healing Contains: Herbs, Barks or Resins, Vegetable Charcoal, Fruit Biomass, Natural Binder and Salt



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